745pm farmhouse fine dining    

745pm closed it’s doors for the last time on New Year’s Eve.

To everyone’s surprise, not least mine, my little retirement hobby turned into one of Suffolk’s best loved restaurants. People came from all over East Anglia to eat the blue cheese soup with beetroot swiss roll, cucumber and elderflower granita, water buffalo and orange stew, lime and basil cheesecake and dozens of other original dishes.

By popular demand there is to be a book of the best recipes from the last 5 years. Please email and let me know if you would like details of this when it is published.

The Schoolroom Suite, our B&B venture, will open at the beginning of April. A website is in production and you will be able to see the details at www.countryweekend.co.uk very shortly.

And our little wine company, will also be going online before too long, selling everything from the much admired wine list at 745 plus lots more wines which we will be importing ourselves directly from the growers. WineAid is a not for profit company, with all proceeds going to charity. The sales website will be www.wineaid.co.uk but it is still a few months before that goes live.